Beasts of Balance – Niantic London

ClientSensible Object Ltd, now Niantic London
DateAug - Oct 2015
Beasts of Balance 2015 prototype
Beasts of Balance playtesting 2015
Playtesting Beasts of Balance 2015 prototype

Beasts of Balance is a physical/digital hybrid game by Sensible Object (now Niantic London). Artefact blocks are stacked on a connected platform. With each addition to the tower, an ecosystem and score is created in the companion app.

A Beast Artefact and family of ‘element’ artefacts for the game ‘Beasts of Balance’ were designed which would minimise tooling cost, but add the most fun and variation to the game.

Ideation through sketching was followed by CAD modelling in Rhino3D. Prototype pieces then required post-processing and assembly to enable connectivity to the hardware platform.

Since the enjoyment of balancing the artefacts was imperative, many cycles of modelling, printing and playtesting were undertaken so that the final pieces would allow for a large range of play.

The final family of artefacts represented the four elements of earth, wind, air and fire, lending mythological narrative to the game.
Only four injection moulding tools were required to produce the ten element artefacts in the family.

After a successful Kickstarter, the game has since been featured extensively in game-related and mainstream press. Beasts of Balance is currently available in the Apple Store or online retailers.

The Chameleon artefact was also designed for the More Beasts: Expansion Pack.


Ideation sketch 1
Ideation sketch 3
Ideation sketch 2
Ideation sketches for elemental artefacts

Ideation sketches for Chameleon artefact 1
Ideation sketches for Chameleon artefact 1
Final Chameleon Artefact
Ideation sketches and final Chameleon Artefact

Featured and reviewed by numerous press outlets

Award winning gameplay and design


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