Digital Catalyst – Future of British Manufacturing Initiative, Autodesk

ClientAutodesk, Inc. & CP Cases
DateAug 2019
FoBMI CP Cases 1
FoBMI CP Cases 2
Site visit at CP Cases with Matthew Nolepa

“Working with Umar, CP Cases were able to digitise a process that took 180 mins down to just 15 mins. That’s more than a 90% improvement in process time.”
CP Cases

The Future of British Manufacturing Initiative by Autodesk inc. aims to equip British SMEs with an understanding of Industry 4.0, and the digital technologies needed to develop innovative, connected products.

CP Cases is a British manufacturing SME based in London who design and manufacture high performance protective cases for transport, operation and storage of professional equipment. Through working as a Digital Catalyst as part of the Future of British Manufacturing Initiative, new technologies and processes were introduced to the company. These dramatically sped up existing workflows, as well as allowing new and interesting ways to provide value to the customer.

This project was one of the first in the ongoing initiative by Autodesk which connects industry with academia and engineering students. The project was officially launched at the Autodesk Birmingham Technology Centre.


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