Meshworks – Custom orthopaedic implants

DateOct 2020 - present

Arrangement of additively manufactured (AM) Meshworks implants

Patient specific instrumentation that accompanies a Meshworks implant.

Meshworks designs and manufactures patient-specific implants for bone reconstruction surgery.

Custom orthopaedic implants offer an alternative treatment method in cases which normally would be managed by complex limb salvage efforts or more extreme approaches such as amputation. Indications which may be treated using Meshworks implants include:

  • Avascular necrosis
  • Trauma
  • Tumour removal
  • Revision surgery

Patient specific geometry

Meshworks implants are manufactured using additive manufacturing (AM) methods. The implant geometry generation requires a complex software pipeline, resulting in AM data which is ready to be used at our in-house production facility. As a senior design engineer, I help develop and validate the software pipeline, ensuring high quality implants.

Quality management

Meshworks is an ISO13485 certified medical device manufacturer, which mandates validation for each step of the design and manufacturing process. I have relished the challenge of creating a robust QMS framework to this end.

About Meshworks

Meshworks has has scientific roots in Oxford and Imperial, and consists of orthopaedic design engineers, additive manufacturing specialists, software engineers, and metallurgists. This multidisciplinary team has been guided by leading surgeons throughout all aspects of its research and development, to create an exceptional implant and straight-forward surgeon design experience.

Meshworks is part of the Alloyed group of companies. Alloyed is an advanced materials and 3D-printing company based in Oxford.