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DateMay 2019 - ongoing

tfw concept render with logos

Future of Walking LDF exhibitLondon Design Festival exhibition at Material Far Futures at The Future Laboratory

Workshop at IFAWorkshop at IFA Paris with the Bachelor of Fashion Marketing program

How can we transform our activity to clean the air?

London is regularly exceeding the legally binding pollution limits set by the EU1. Whether commuting to work or school; jogging or walking; the noxious gases and particulates penetrate deep into our lungs posing a significant health risk.

The Future of Walking is a dynamic footwear that directly filters the air at ground level through our shoes. As a concept it has the potential to not only raise awareness about the high levels of air pollution in London, but also to make a significant impact on the air we breathe.

The project is based in Makerversity and is part of the Makers with a Mission program. The project started as one of the winning proposals for the Tools for Change : Climate Hack. The hack outputs were exhibited at Somerset House. TFW have also collaborated with IFA Paris to provide insight into consumer psychology, tech affinity, social awareness and brand partnerships.

The Future of Walking was exhibited at the Material Far Futures Exhibition as part of London Design Festival 2019 at The Future Laboratory. Animation and data visualisation for the exhibition was provided by



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